Brown Serpent Control

Capable of taming even the wildest of brown serpents, lead us to a brown serpent and we will tame it.

Slop Extraction

We will carve our tyres into the deepest of slop infested ruts displacing the slop and leaving you with the joy of an even deeper rut.

No More Skid Marks

With our patented "speed past the danger" approach we can confirm minimisation of skid marks and any residual skid marks wiped clean.

Top Quality Media

The Hazzard Racing crew will strive to bring you visual satisfaction with only our most outrageous moments gracing your screens.


The audio we use is not only Joe Barnes banger certified but also renowned world wide for its charm and sophistication.

Viewer Satisfaction

As part of the Hazzard guarantee we ensure our clients that they will receive 'some thrill' while viewing us decimating the deepest of ruts.